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Welcome to Kingdom Ventures

Kingdom Ventures: we are one of the chief real estate investment firms, in the Tulsa, metro area, Broken arrow, Jenks,

Bixby, Coweta, and surrounding areas. Some deals fit our criteria to keep but many we pass off to other investors in the marketplace.   

Due to our effective  marketing, initiatives, we are able to get these deals a a steep discounts and pass those saving on to you. Whether  you plan to buy or  you plan to buy and hold as a rental property or a fix up the property and re-sell it. Check

out our inventory (coming soon) today to receive notification about our great deals as soon as they become available.

Thank you, for visiting our site, we are excited to networking, with you and your team and make it a win, win, win for all

parties envolved.



FAX 800-317-9824


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